Camella Tuguegarao - LOCATION

Camella Tuguegarao is located at Brgy. Larion Alto, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

Barangay Larion Alto in Tuguegarao City is the privileged location to this massive project. The main highway that passes here is the Pan Philippine Highway which on this section is known as Cagayan Valley Road. Because of this strategic location, residents find it much easier to commute to the city from here. Its relative positioning on the outskirts makes it enjoy a great unpolluted environment while still giving the residents a taste of modernity.

As you are planning to settle here or invest in a property, one of the things you could be asking yourself is whether there are any schools around. The answer is yes, there are universities and colleges around here in addition to preparatory, primary, and secondary schools. The Cagayan State University, St. Paul University, and Cagayan Colleges of Tuguegarao are among the outstanding educational institutions.

Hospitals are also present here which offer quality healthcare services. Tuguegarao Hospital and Cagayan Valley Medical Center are among the best in the area. Here, you will get emergency treatment as well as specialized care. 

Nowadays, no one would want to live in an area that doesn’t have malls or marketplaces. Camella Tuguegarao has all that and more. There is the Citimall and Brixton Mall which are some of the renowned shopping facilities in Tuguegarao. They are stocked with local and exotic products to give you a variety to choose from and different price ranges to explore. The major marketplace where you will get all your fresh produce from the countryside is the Tuguegarao City Public Market. 

Apart from the Cagayan Valley Road, the major roads serving this development include Larion Highway and Maharlika Highway. Moving to and fro this location, you can use private means or better still, there are jeeps and buses that pry this route. Being a place of adventure, you will never be bored here. There are so many spots you can visit with your family and have fun especially on weekends. Some of them include the Callao Caves, Buntun Bridge, Portabaga Falls, and The Iguig Calvary Hills. 

Churches :

  • St. James Parish
  • St. Peter Cathedral

Malls :

  • Brixton Mall
  • Citimall

Hospitals :

  • Cagayan Valley Medical Center
  • Tuguegarao Hospital

Terminal Stations :

  • Van / Bus Terminal
  • Florida Bus Terminal

Schools :

  • Cagayan State University
  • Cagayan Colleges of Tuguegarao
  • Saint Paul University

Marketplace :

  • Tuguegarao City Public Market

Major Roads :

  • Larion Highway
  • Maharlika Highway

Transportation :


Other Landmarks :

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