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Apart from the exciting and feature-rich location around, there are even more fine amenities and facilities within the Camella Tuguegarao compound. The intention of having all these features in here is to give you and your family the best treat you can get without the need to venture outside especially if you don’t want to. 

Before looking at what this place has, let’s start at the gate. There is a large imposing entrance gate that is manned by 24/7 security. The reason behind this is not that this area is insecure, but to give the residents the assurance that the community is safe for them and their families. Everyone getting in to this community leaves their particulars at the entrance and there is a very well-coordinated system of identification and security checks.

To complement the tight security here, there is a perimeter wall all-round the 8-hectare property. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to jump over and access the property without being noticed by the patrolling guards. 
Immediately after the entrance, you will be greeted by the lush greens of well maintained park and playground area. Camella Tuguegarao is well-planned and puts a high value on open greens. The park is frequented by families who want to have their snacks as they observe the beautiful nature around them. It also makes you appreciate the environment and the need to maintain it so that it is not interfered with. The playground gives your children a large expanse to run around, play their games with the rest of the community members. Again, this shows the value the developer puts on children welfare. 

The clubhouse here comes complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and this means you can frequent here as many times as you want to work outdoors. Not many developments have such kind of luxuries because Wi-Fi connectivity literally opens the world to you. The clubhouse is multifunctional giving you space to hold meetings, catch up with friends over coffee, grab a book, or even play some table games if you are a fun. 

The basketball is again a crucial amenity for a community such as this where everything is within reach. The dangers of a sedentary life are that people may end up not exercising and as we all know, this is not good for the body. you don’t have to be a basketball pro to come and practice here.  You could do it for fun or start afresh and learn. All possibilities are open. 

The swimming pool crowns the amenities in this area. For those who love low-activity workouts, swimming is known the world over as one of those that falls in this category. You could come with your family and just relax as you float on the azure blue waters. There are swimming attendants just in case you want some help. The list of amenities is almost endless. Water and electricity is well connected and reliable here. Because of the green initiative Camella values sustainable water harvesting and renewable energy to ease pressure on the city utilities.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Park and Playground
  • Clubhouse with Wi-Fi
  • Basketball Court
  • 24 hour security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
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