Camella Tuguegarao

House And Lot In Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

Camella Tuguegarao

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Brgy. Larion Alto, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Turnover Date: Preselling
Lot Sizes: 36 sqm to 110 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.4M to Php 1.9M


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Camella Tuguegarao By Camella Homes

Cagayan Valley is known for its lush greens that give the impression of a peaceful environment. To witness this firsthand, you have to pay a visit to Camella Tuguegarao, an 8-hectare development situated in Barangay Larion Alto. The strategic positioning of this project gives it a lot of value and publicity. It therefore makes sense to see potential investors flocking to the site every day.

In terms of positioning, the development is in close proximity to some of the most vibrant areas in Tuguegarao. Talk of schools, hospitals, commercial centers, churches, and major thoroughfares, this area has it all. Symbolically, it is designated as a residents’ refuge for those who want stability and peace while enjoying the luxury of functional facilities and high-end lifestyle amenities. Camella Tuguegarao gives you convenience, comfort, and a worry-free lifestyle that your family will undoubtedly enjoy. 

In this area, getting such modern facilities is rare and in case you do, they are a preserve of the rich and mighty. However, Camella, the developer, is shifting the dial and wants the average Filipino also to own a place they call home. The 8-hecatre land reserved for this project tells something about the massive nature of the development and the desire for the developer to give families expansive spaces for their homes as well as others for recreation. 

Camella is a developer with a reputation of quality and expertise in their development. They have a goal to put up affordable, but quality houses specifically in master-planned communities. This assures people investing here that everything is within their reach. Unlike other real estate companies, Camella’s presence is felt everywhere. If you are looking for a home to buy, partnering with such a developer who has spent over 40 years in this industry makes a lot of sense. Having developed 400,000 homes and more in 104 cities in 39 provinces in Philippines, this is the definition of an expert you would want to hold and guide you. 

Looking at Camella Tuguegarao, one thing you will notice is the quality of the finishing. The kind of materials used in the building have been carefully sourced to ensure you get real value for your money. We are living in an era that has lots of shortcuts and underhand deals when it comes to construction, standards, and material sourcing. Camella is the kind of developer who goes the longer route to ensure you get the best outcome. 

As you visit this development, you will get an opportunity to sample the model houses so that you can see what your final home would look like. Camella is generous enough to include a lot of model homes to give you variety when choosing. In this particular development, there are 8 model houses. 

The first model, Carmela, is a two-story nicely done and planned house. It has 3 bedrooms one of which is a master bedroom all located in the second floor. They share toilet and bath and there is a spacious hallway that joins them. The living area, dining area, and the modern spacious kitchen are all located on the ground floor and there is a toilet and bath dedicated to this floor as well. In addition, there is a well-positioned and spacious balcony and a carport. The floor area measures 65 square meters while the lot area starts from 88 square meters. 

Drina Model is also a two-story house with 3 bedrooms, one of which is master ensuite. The other two bedrooms share a toilet and bath. On the ground floor, there is a living room on your left as you enter and the dining room on the right. The kitchen faces the dining room and right opposite there is a maid’s room. The floor area is 83 square meters while the lot area is 99 square meters. 

The third model, Elaisa, is a two-story unit with 4 bedrooms, a dining area, living area, kitchen, and maid’s room. One of the rooms is master ensuite and there are two other toilets and bath facilities for the second and ground floor. The floor area measures 97 square meters while the lot area starts from 110 square meters.

Mara is also a nicely done unit that has two stories and 3 bedrooms. In design, it is much like the other Carmela Model save for the floor area which is 53 square meters while the lot area is 88 square meters. 

The other model is known as Marga and has two bedrooms, a dining and kitchen area complete with a modern designed living area. The floor area is 46 square meters while the lot area is 72 square meters. The toilet and bath are at the ground floor. 

Margarita is a two-story townhouse that has 2 bedrooms all on the second floor and a toilet and bath at the ground floor. The living, dining, and kitchen areas are tastefully finished and spacious for comfortable living. The floor area measures 46 square meters while the lot area is 4 square meters smaller than the floor area. 

The second last model, Reana, is also a tow-story townhouse that has 2 bedrooms, contemporary living, dining, and kitchen spaces, and a toilet and bath at the ground floor. The floor area measures 40 square meters while the lot area is at 48 square meters. 

The last model, Rina, is a two-story 2 bedrooms unit that has a dining and living area adjacent to each other all facing the kitchen and the stairway to the second floor. The toilet and bath are next to the kitchen and closer to the exit door leading to the backyard. The floor area is 40 square meters while the lot area goes all the way to 72 square meters. 

All these models are ready to view at your own timing and pleasure.

Nestled in the verdant Cagayan Valley is the 8-hectare Camella Tuguegarao, specifically located in Barangay Larion Alto, Tuguegarao, Cagayan near business and commercial centers, schools, churches, hospitals, and major thoroughfares. It serves as residents' refuge, offering beautiful and stable homes, functional facilities and lifestyle amenities that ensure a comfortable, convenient and worry-free life.

Amenities include shuttle service, playground, swimming pool, basketball court and clubhouse.

Lara Model is of the type Duplex. It is a 2 storey house with 2 bedrooms and 1 T&B. With the floor area of 44 sq.m, the lot area is also very spacious of 70 sq.m. Marvela Model is a Single Firewall with 2 storeys, 2 bedrooms, 1 T&B. Floor area is 52sq.m with lot area of 77sq.m. Carmela Model is also a Single Firewall type with 2 storeys and 3 bedrooms and 2 T&B. Floor area is 64sq.m and lot area is 99 sq.m. Drina Model is a Single Firewall type with 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms and 3 T&B. Floor area is 81 sq.m and lot area is 121 sq.m. Elaisa Model is a Single Firewall with 2 storeys, 5 bedrooms and 3 T&B. Floor area is 96 sq.m and 121 sq.m. Reana Model is a Townhouse with 2 bedrooms and 1 T&B. Floor area is 40 sq.m and lot area is 48 sq.m. Rina Model is a Single Firewall with 2 bedrooms and 1 T&B. Floor area is 40 sq.m and lot area is 72 sq.m. Margarita Model is a Single Firewall with 2 bedrooms and 1T&B. Floor area is 46 sq.m and lot area is 72 sq.m. Marga Model is a Single Firewall with 2 bedrooms and 1 T &B. Floor area is 46 sq.m and lot area is 72 sq.m.

Landmarks include St. James Parish and St. Peter Cathedral for the religious purposes.

Brixton Mall, Citimall is also located nearby. Cagayan Valley Medical Center and Tuguegarao Hospital are present in the vicinity too. Van / Bus Terminal and Florida Bus Terminal are available for access. Cagayan State University, Cagayan Colleges of Tuguegarao and Saint Paul University are also located nearby. Tuguegarao City Public Market is also located in the vicinity.

Other important landmarks include Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, The Basilica of Our Lady of Piat, San Jacinto Ermita Church, The Callao Caves, The Iguig Calvary Hills, Buntun Bridge, Portabaga Falls.

Camella Homes Camella Tuguegarao in Brgy. Larion Alto, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Camella Tuguegarao, then check here first. We have full details of Camella Tuguegarao updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Camella Tuguegarao - Location & Vicinity

Camella Tuguegarao is located at Brgy. Larion Alto, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

Barangay Larion Alto in Tuguegarao City is the privileged location to this massive project. The main highway that passes here is the Pan Philippine Highway which on this section is known as Cagayan Valley Road. Because of this strategic location, residents find it much easier to commute to the city from here. Its relative positioning on the outskirts makes it enjoy a great unpolluted environment while still giving the residents a taste of modernity.

As you are planning to settle here or invest in a property, one of the things you could be asking yourself is whether there are any schools around. The answer is yes, there are universities and colleges around here in addition to preparatory, primary, and secondary schools. The Cagayan State University, St. Paul University, and Cagayan Colleges of Tuguegarao are among the outstanding educational institutions.

Hospitals are also present here which offer quality healthcare services. Tuguegarao Hospital and Cagayan Valley Medical Center are among the best in the area. Here, you will get emergency treatment as well as specialized care. 

Nowadays, no one would want to live in an area that doesn’t have malls or marketplaces. Camella Tuguegarao has all that and more. There is the Citimall and Brixton Mall which are some of the renowned shopping facilities in Tuguegarao. They are stocked with local and exotic products to give you a variety to choose from and different price ranges to explore. The major marketplace where you will get all your fresh produce from the countryside is the Tuguegarao City Public Market. 

Apart from the Cagayan Valley Road, the major roads serving this development include Larion Highway and Maharlika Highway. Moving to and fro this location, you can use private means or better still, there are jeeps and buses that pry this route. Being a place of adventure, you will never be bored here. There are so many spots you can visit with your family and have fun especially on weekends. Some of them include the Callao Caves, Buntun Bridge, Portabaga Falls, and The Iguig Calvary Hills. 

Churches :

  • St. James Parish
  • St. Peter Cathedral

Malls :

  • Brixton Mall
  • Citimall

Hospitals :

  • Cagayan Valley Medical Center
  • Tuguegarao Hospital

Terminal Stations :

  • Van / Bus Terminal
  • Florida Bus Terminal

Schools :

  • Cagayan State University
  • Cagayan Colleges of Tuguegarao
  • Saint Paul University

Marketplace :

  • Tuguegarao City Public Market

Major Roads :

  • Larion Highway
  • Maharlika Highway

Transportation :


Other Landmarks :

Camella Tuguegarao Location

Camella Tuguegarao - Features & Amenities

Apart from the exciting and feature-rich location around, there are even more fine amenities and facilities within the Camella Tuguegarao compound. The intention of having all these features in here is to give you and your family the best treat you can get without the need to venture outside especially if you don’t want to. 

Before looking at what this place has, let’s start at the gate. There is a large imposing entrance gate that is manned by 24/7 security. The reason behind this is not that this area is insecure, but to give the residents the assurance that the community is safe for them and their families. Everyone getting in to this community leaves their particulars at the entrance and there is a very well-coordinated system of identification and security checks.

To complement the tight security here, there is a perimeter wall all-round the 8-hectare property. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to jump over and access the property without being noticed by the patrolling guards. 
Immediately after the entrance, you will be greeted by the lush greens of well maintained park and playground area. Camella Tuguegarao is well-planned and puts a high value on open greens. The park is frequented by families who want to have their snacks as they observe the beautiful nature around them. It also makes you appreciate the environment and the need to maintain it so that it is not interfered with. The playground gives your children a large expanse to run around, play their games with the rest of the community members. Again, this shows the value the developer puts on children welfare. 

The clubhouse here comes complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and this means you can frequent here as many times as you want to work outdoors. Not many developments have such kind of luxuries because Wi-Fi connectivity literally opens the world to you. The clubhouse is multifunctional giving you space to hold meetings, catch up with friends over coffee, grab a book, or even play some table games if you are a fun. 

The basketball is again a crucial amenity for a community such as this where everything is within reach. The dangers of a sedentary life are that people may end up not exercising and as we all know, this is not good for the body. you don’t have to be a basketball pro to come and practice here.  You could do it for fun or start afresh and learn. All possibilities are open. 

The swimming pool crowns the amenities in this area. For those who love low-activity workouts, swimming is known the world over as one of those that falls in this category. You could come with your family and just relax as you float on the azure blue waters. There are swimming attendants just in case you want some help. The list of amenities is almost endless. Water and electricity is well connected and reliable here. Because of the green initiative Camella values sustainable water harvesting and renewable energy to ease pressure on the city utilities.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Park and Playground
  • Clubhouse with Wi-Fi
  • Basketball Court
  • 24 hour security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms

Camella Tuguegarao - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carmela Single Firewall ₱ 2,100,000 to 3,900,000 Floor Area - 65 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Drina Single Firewall ₱ 2,450,000 to 5,150,000 Floor Area - 83 sqm/ Lot Area - 99 sqm
Elaisa Single Firewall ₱ 2,890,000 to 5,600,000 Floor Area - 97 sqm/ Lot Area - 110 sqm
Mara Single Firewall ₱ 1,800,000 to 3,100,000 Floor Area - 53 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Marga Single Firewall ₱ 1,919,448 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 63 sqm
Margarita Townhouse (End Unit) ₱ 1,300,000 to 2,150,000 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Margarita Townhouse (Inner Unit) ₱ 1,060,000 to 1,750,000 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 36 sqm
Reana Townhouse (End Unit) ₱ 1,100,000 to 2,000,000 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Reana Townhouse (Inner Unit) ₱ 1,407,680 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 36 sqm
Rina Single Firewall ₱ 1,823,200 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm

Camella Tuguegarao - Payment Option

Why You Should Invest In  Camella Tuguegarao

A flood-free community

The Camella Cagayan is a house and lot enclave for sale in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan that is situated along the Maharlika Highway, Brgy. Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City. This location is a vast 13-hectares of rolling terrain with elevation reaching almost 31 meters above sea level (masl) which is higher than the other towns of the province. Additionally, the wide and mammoth Cagayan River (the longest river in the Philippines) is less than 4km to the west which is a large catch basin that eliminates flooding in the area. The area is also covered with lush green and virgin forest landscape near the site which also minimizes the effect of typhoons in the close vicinity of Camella Cagayan. Additionally, the site has an underground drainage system to further boost the remote possibility of flooding. Investing in this nature-inspired enclave will assure you of a safe and environment-friendly community with utmost peace and long-lasting privacy and still, you are near from all of the life’s basic essentials.

Spanish-Mediterranean style of architecture

To give your investment the much-needed boost when it comes to incessant property value, the Camella Cagayan is offering some of Camella Homes’ classic Home Design Series with Spanish-inspired architecture that is proven to weather time. These durable yet stylish home designs are still the most prominent among other home designs of several real estate developers in the Northern Luzon region. The project offers not only seven or ten home designs, it is presenting its customers 14 equally elegant houses from the company’s Home Design Series, to choose from. Nothing gives you the chance to pick the most comprehensive type of endearing home models but the Camella Cagayan which include the popular Carina, Carmina, Carmela, Dorina, Drina, Emerald, Elaisa, Mara, Ruby, Reana, Margarita, Rina, Marga, and Fatima house configurations. These beautifully-made houses come with 2-5 bedrooms and 2-3 toilet and bath with floor area range between 40 to 179sqm while lot area range in size between 36 to 150sqm. The houses are typically 2-Storey Townhouses in Single Detached and Single Firewall configurations. The houses are also built with large spaces to give homeowners the chance to customize their homes with minimal restrictions.

Best location with the finest amenities

Being located along the Maharlika Highway of Brgy. Carig Sur in Tuguegarao City, the Camella Cagayan is situated near the region’s most crucial thoroughfare, the Cagayan Valley Road. This location provides the easiest access to the city’s main transit points, transport terminals, key leisure and entertainment centers, major shopping and commercial centers, schools, hospitals, fine dining restaurants, government offices, workplaces, places of worship, and other places of interests. Furthermore, the Camella Cagayan in Tuguegarao City is equipped with the most modern amenities infused with natural surroundings and facilities that are truly functional. Enjoy the project’s crystal clear swimming pool, basketball court, parks and playground, clubhouse with function room, landscaped gardens, pool deck, gazebo, picnic areas, jogging and walking trails, well-manicured entrance gate with guardhouse, 24/7 security, perimeter fence, shuttle service in and out of the subdivision, and so much more!

Best ever payment options

While the Camella Cagayan has one of the most diverse home designs for your picking, it has also one of the most affordable enclaves among Camella Homes’ finely built communities across the land. With minimal reservation fee, it would be the start of your journey towards owning a low-risk and highly appreciated property development in the region. You can have a slice of the Camella Cagayan by paying via instant or deferred cash or through the easier Bank or In-House Financing which is lighter in the pocket. To know more about on how to make a reservation and choosing the best payment option suiting your financial status, contact or have a chat with our ever reliable real estate agent on this website now.

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